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Food and Beverage
The company has developed the health drinks of mix Thai herbs which were first sold in 7 Eleven. This was the beginning of the concept of health and beauty products. Currently company has worked with partnership for increasing developed products in this group such as Non-toxic natural plant extract flavour and natural products etc.


The First initiative of this category, the company has developed the garment products by using Thai traditional knowledge as a key element of the product. Presently company has worked with partnership for increasing industrialized products in this group such as furniture and accessories, products for SPA & Beauty etc.

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Siam Consumer Trading Co., Ltd. is firstly established by objective for distribution consumer products into wholesaling and retailing channels, primarily in Thailand. The first category of products, which has been distributed, was Mobile Phone Accessories that imported from abroad by displayed at I-Mobile shop and distributed to other channels later.... read more>>

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